Antique Barry Sonnenfeld releases alien nephew!

This doesn’t entirely solve the lacklustre script and intermittently cringingly bad dialogue. Not the end the Marvel franchise deserves, especially in a year where we just got off the trauma coaster that was ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ (2018) and ‘Endgame’ (2019), ‘Dark Phoenix’ wraps things up competently but forgettably.Men in Black initially released in 1997 from director Barry Sonnenfeld and starred Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as agents for Earth’s super-secret space protection agency, the Men in Black. It created a well-thought-out and interesting world where aliens live among us, hiding in plain sight as other humans.

It was hilarious thanks to its excellently performed straight man routine with Tommy Lee Jones as the permanently scowling agent K and the wisecracking newcomer, Will Smith as Agent J. It was a refreshing science fiction comedy that had a meaningful message about sacrifice, the importance of relationships and the value of diversity. Men in Black: International is the first film in the Men in Black series not directed by series creator Barry Sonnenfeld, and not staring Will Smith. Instead, opting to hire Straight Outta Compton director F. Gary Gray for a fresh new direction for the series.

The film sets in motion with Tessa Thompson’s Molly discovering, pursuing and infiltrating the Men in Black. After being accepted into the MIB, Molly, now agent M, gets assigned to the London division to test her place in the organization. There she meets the lazy, arrogant and yet somehow revered agent H, played by Chris Hemsworth. After the idea of a mole in MIB takes root, H and M take the fall and must navigate the MIB’s hunt as well as manage to save the world from a growing alien threat, the invasive hive mind collective conveniently named, the Hive.


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